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Lose Hope! No...

hello everybody...

Today, I have nothing to do. I just lay in my bed. I am bored with this condition. I tried to make a business. I think it is in progress to be bigger business. Now, I will tell you about my experience when I do not have anything to do and to write.

lose hope
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I hope with this note or words that i write, It can help you in generally or me in personally from hopeless condition.

First of all, let's remember God and thanks to God for the life. We have the faith, we must believe that God decides everything about us. God must know the best way for us. The best action of us is any action that God asks to do. The bad action is anything that God forbids to do. All is written in The Holy Book (Al-Quran).

Second, We need time to understand our position before when we are in this condition. What have you done? So this bad condition came to you. However We must be patient with any problem we face. We should see in another point of view to get the lesson from the problem.

Third, Mistake is common. Do not be afraid of making mistakes but don't do the mistake intentionally! That's my motto and i ever told my students about that. We are not perfect but we try to be the perfect one with our own way. Somebody wants to be a millionaire but he must pass the examination whether it is passed with true action or false. Or Somebody wants to have skill at something he must try and can do some mistakes to make him skillful at something. So do not be afraid of making mistakes but don't do the mistake intentionally.

Forth, get good motivation and get new spirit! Remember human is social creature. He doesn't exist with him self. He needs other human. Remember our beloved people like our parent, our family and our friends. They should be sad if they look at our bad condition. Keep Spirit and Do Not Lose Hope !

Fifth, Do some exercises! This may not be effected directly but it can make your mental stronger like your muscle. There is a common sentence

"In the strong body, there is strong soul".

Sixth, Do your hobby! Anyway, Do you ever hear, “Talkshow” or “Podcast” ? Yups, it’s exacly correct. The host or the program makers are only talking but they can get the payment of their program what ever they talk they should be happy because they do Their hobby and they don’t regret that.

If there is another way to make our self strong when we face the problem you may write your comment below. Anyway, thanks for reading this article.

Have a nice day!

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