Sabtu, 25 Mei 2024

The Friendship

When I was in intermediate school, I had clesest friends. They were Dani, and Endru. We promised to pass the day together and never be appart.

Dani loved a girl in the class. He wanted me to accompany him to express his felling to her. In the evening, we met in my house and planned meet thr girl he loved. I have a role as mediator between Dani and the girl.

We went to her house. I knocked at the door and called her loudly. She came out and meet me. She asked me what happened, and why you came to my house. There was a man who want to meet you. I called Dani and I left them to talked to each other. Dani was very dissapointed because she did not accept his feelling. I cheered him up I said today she did not accept your feeling maybe tomorrow or the day next tomorrow she would accept your feeling. You had not be sad about it. I ask hin to play football in the yard.

Endru had some big fish in the pond. we saw them i thinked they were about 2 meters length. I saw the head, its heads were as big as a chamber. It was toman. He said it could be sold with very good price. we cought them with net fish. Dani could not lift the fish alone it was too heavy to lift alone so we lift them together and put them to the fresh pond.

The day came, I had to move to the village. I had to leave them and break the promise. I never talked about moving to the village. So when the day came, they were wondering why i did not tell them about it. I only gave smile to them and i said that i hoped it would just a dream. I said sorry to them, and hoped we would communicate each other.

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