Sabtu, 25 Mei 2024


 I have a dream I wanna be a rich man and go abroad especially to Makkah. I will make the dream true. I have some plans to be implemented. I will graduate from UT. I will make an English course. I will make a store, and a garden with full of fruit plants and royal employees.

After I graduate from UT. I will make an English course will be for the teenager to adult people. It will have many students and teacher. It will become the piggy bank and share the knowledge and skill to others. It will have 3 classes, the first will be elementary class, the second will be intermediate class and the third will be meeting room to sharpen our speaking skill. would you help me later if i need the teacher in the course? I hope you have time and occasion to help me yah.

The store will have many things to sell especially the daily needs of people around. It will be operate with 1 cashier and 3 employees to support operational store. It will use a computer to purchasing. The employees will have the store uniform. The store uniform will be green-white colored. It will be open in the morning untilk the night.

The garden will have many fruit trees. I will plant manggo, rambutan, orange, lychee and coconut trees. I will build a saung. It will be in the middle of the garden. I will plant flowers around it. I also will make a pond to save the water and take care of fish. The pond will be a place to became a fishing spot.

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