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Sabtu, 25 Mei 2024

The Friendship

When I was in intermediate school, I had clesest friends. They were Dani, and Endru. We promised to pass the day together and never be appart.

Dani loved a girl in the class. He wanted me to accompany him to express his felling to her. In the evening, we met in my house and planned meet thr girl he loved. I have a role as mediator between Dani and the girl.

We went to her house. I knocked at the door and called her loudly. She came out and meet me. She asked me what happened, and why you came to my house. There was a man who want to meet you. I called Dani and I left them to talked to each other. Dani was very dissapointed because she did not accept his feelling. I cheered him up I said today she did not accept your feeling maybe tomorrow or the day next tomorrow she would accept your feeling. You had not be sad about it. I ask hin to play football in the yard.

Endru had some big fish in the pond. we saw them i thinked they were about 2 meters length. I saw the head, its heads were as big as a chamber. It was toman. He said it could be sold with very good price. we cought them with net fish. Dani could not lift the fish alone it was too heavy to lift alone so we lift them together and put them to the fresh pond.

The day came, I had to move to the village. I had to leave them and break the promise. I never talked about moving to the village. So when the day came, they were wondering why i did not tell them about it. I only gave smile to them and i said that i hoped it would just a dream. I said sorry to them, and hoped we would communicate each other.

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2023

Contoh Descriptive Text

The Most Beautiful Garden

Descriptive Text - Gardenpicture by freepik

In my village, there is the most beautiful garden that I have ever seen. It has many flowers and plants.
The garden belongs to Mr. Samin. His garden is beside my garden so I always pass his garden when I go to my garden. Everyday Mr. Samin goes to his garden. He always waters his garden every morning and every afternoon.
In the center of his garden, there is a big pond. Over the pond, there is the bamboo bridge. Its water usually is used to water the garden In Summer. Mr. Samin breed the fish in the pond. He always feed the fish every day. When his son is bored, he fish there. He usually asks me to join him. I like when we get some fish there, we burn and eat there.
At the right of the pond, there are tomato plants and chili plants. At the left of the pond, there are cucumber plants, pare (bitter gourd) plants. Beside chili plants, there are watermelon and melon plants. Beside bitter gourd plants, there are banana plants. The border of the garden is planted with cassava plants. They also plants some eggplants beside cassava plants.
They will be very busy when the harvest time. Sometime they ask me to help them to harvest the plants. The tomato plant and melon plant are usually harvested in 3 months. The chili and cucumbers are harvested for about seventy five days after sow the seed. Bitter gourd plant is harvested in fifty five days. Watermelon plant is harvested in seventy days. Banana plant is harvested in eight till nine months. Eggplant is harvested one a half months. Cassava plant is harvested in six until eight months.
Cassavas can be eaten with many ways. But cassava can be used for feed animals. Cassava for feed animals is usually called gaplek. Gaplek is made from dried cassava and gaplek also has good price to sell.
He and his son usually drink the cup of coffee and have lunch in a saung. Saung is a small shelter which is built in the rice field or garden to be the place where farmers or gardeners take a rest. Saung is built at the corner of his garden. It has a rice straw roof, bamboo pole. They can sleep or just sit there when they are tired. Around of the saung, there are some flowers like orchids, roses, tulips and sun flowers. Because of the flowers, Saung is so fragrant. The flowers is planted to chase away insects and snakes especially poison snakes. Sometimes, the flowers are harvested to sell.
They cook some cassavas in the saung while they are taking a rest. The burned cassavas are so delicious when it is eaten together in the garden. The burned cassavas are sweet and tender. They also bring some of some burned cassavas to their house to their family and neighbors.
I like Mr. Samin’s garden. I hope my garden can be like his garden too. It is like heaven. We can enjoy the life with planting.

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Rabu, 26 Juli 2023

Contoh Spoof Text

spoof text

Could you lend me 50.000 rupiahs, please?

 I have a friend. His name is Wendi. He has a very good job. He is an employee of a famous Bank. He always borrows money from his friends and never pay it back. But he never borrows from me.

One day, I had a lunch with him in the inn. I thought I have a way so that he did not lend me any money.
“Hey, Wendi. Could you lend me 50.000 rupiahs, please?” I asked him.
“Okay, I will lend you 50.000 rupiahs. But because you never treat me a lunch. You must pay for my lunch.” He replied. Then he put the money on my table and went away in hurry.

Unfortunately, I paid his dinner for 45.000 rupiah, then I just realized that He tricked me successfully. “How could You, Wendi?”, I said in my heart.

Adapted from newconceptenglish

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Minggu, 23 Juli 2023

Contoh Recount Text

recount text
Tempuran Beach

Hello my name is Yusuf Abduloh, I am from Purwakarta.
Three weeks ago, I and My family went to Tempuran beach. The journey which we took was about two hours by the car from our house.

We saw the rice field every where on the journey. Close to the beach, we saw many ponds, and ships. We arrived there and searched a place to sit and put our things. The beach was so beautiful with the white sand and blue sea water. Near our place, we bought some foods and special gifts from Tempuran.
There was also the place which rented the small motorcycles and small cars to use in the beach. My son rent it and he did not want to stop although the time for rent was up. He could drive the small car but not ride the motorcycle.
Before we went home, we bought some gifts and some foods like salted fish, crabs, shrimps. My aunt fogot to bring her wallet. We looked for around there, but nothing was there. Then my niece called her mother and gave it to her. “I get it when you ask me to take care of it.”, She said. Then my aunt felt very happy because she found the wallet although it was not truelly lost.

The trip was tiring but so exciting and  merorable. I still hear the sound of the wave when I wanted to sleep at that night.


Orientation/setting       _____

Important Events         _____

Evaluate comment       _____

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Sabtu, 22 Juli 2023

The Dreams from A Dreamer

 I have many plans in my life. I will become a successful entrepreneur as soon as possible. I will go abroad to many countries such as Arab, America, China, France, and Australia with my family. I think Arab is most important than other country to visit, because there is KA’BA where all moslem gather to pilgrimage. In America, I will visit white house where the president of America works, Glacier National Park, Maui, Grand Canyon National Park.

source : freepik

I will go to The Great Wall of China and take some photos with my family there. The Great Wall of China is A World Heritage Site. It is according to UNESCO. In China, I Will go to Guilin & Yangshuo (Karst Landscape), Yellow Mountains and Villages Nearby, Zhangjiaji (Precipitous Pillars), Lijiang (Ancient Town), Shangri-La (Meili Snow Mountains), Tibet (Lofty Mountain Splendor), and Zhangye's Danxia (Rainbow Mountains). Then in France, I will go to Eiffel toward and express my love to my wife because Eiffel is the landmark of love in the world. Then I will go to Disneyland Paris, Louvre Museum, and Versailles Palace.Last, I will meet kangaroo in Australia. I wanna hold its fur and its marsupium or pouch. I'm going to work hard, do my best to make it real and pray to ALLAH for it.
The dream from the dreamer

Jumat, 21 Juli 2023

The Only Story to Tell for You

On December 2020, Covid-19 began spread to the world. The news said it was from China, but other news said it was from America. I worked in a small firm. I got the bad salary i have ever got because the firm make many free days. It was almost two months i did not go to the firm. My wife was angry but i gave her the information about the Covid-19. But she was still angry with me at that time. I tried to plant the spinach and i harvested to get additional money. Someday my wife came to the small garden and she smilled to me. I thought that she was not angry to me anymore. I felt very happy because of it. Something bad happened with the firm. The firm was bankrupt and all employeerzs were fired without any information first.

the only story to tell for you

 source image : pixabayI tried to get another job after gardening. I made many proposals to give to the companies. But i never had a call from the companies. Then my older sister gave the information about the school which needed some teachers to teach. I tried to apply the job and i did it.

Now, I'm teaching in a school. The school has 9 classes. I am very happy because the headmaster and the teachers and staff officers are very kind and nice. They always have the funny storis to discuss. I thank to God to meet them in here. I hope i can become the good teacher. Sometimes i remember my self and my friends, when i look at the students are studying, chating, sleeping and playing with their friends in the school. I think i just miss my friends and my teachers in my school.

I and my friends were always together whatever it happened. I was happy when i graduated from the school on the other hand i was sad because we were not able to be together again. I hope we can meet again sometime.