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Contoh Recount Text

recount text
Tempuran Beach

Hello my name is Yusuf Abduloh, I am from Purwakarta.
Three weeks ago, I and My family went to Tempuran beach. The journey which we took was about two hours by the car from our house.

We saw the rice field every where on the journey. Close to the beach, we saw many ponds, and ships. We arrived there and searched a place to sit and put our things. The beach was so beautiful with the white sand and blue sea water. Near our place, we bought some foods and special gifts from Tempuran.
There was also the place which rented the small motorcycles and small cars to use in the beach. My son rent it and he did not want to stop although the time for rent was up. He could drive the small car but not ride the motorcycle.
Before we went home, we bought some gifts and some foods like salted fish, crabs, shrimps. My aunt fogot to bring her wallet. We looked for around there, but nothing was there. Then my niece called her mother and gave it to her. “I get it when you ask me to take care of it.”, She said. Then my aunt felt very happy because she found the wallet although it was not truelly lost.

The trip was tiring but so exciting and  merorable. I still hear the sound of the wave when I wanted to sleep at that night.


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Important Events         _____

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