Rabu, 26 Juli 2023

Contoh Spoof Text

spoof text

Could you lend me 50.000 rupiahs, please?

 I have a friend. His name is Wendi. He has a very good job. He is an employee of a famous Bank. He always borrows money from his friends and never pay it back. But he never borrows from me.

One day, I had a lunch with him in the inn. I thought I have a way so that he did not lend me any money.
“Hey, Wendi. Could you lend me 50.000 rupiahs, please?” I asked him.
“Okay, I will lend you 50.000 rupiahs. But because you never treat me a lunch. You must pay for my lunch.” He replied. Then he put the money on my table and went away in hurry.

Unfortunately, I paid his dinner for 45.000 rupiah, then I just realized that He tricked me successfully. “How could You, Wendi?”, I said in my heart.

Adapted from newconceptenglish

Semoga bermanfaat contoh dari spoof textnya dan terimakasih,

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