Sabtu, 22 Juli 2023

The Dreams from A Dreamer

 I have many plans in my life. I will become a successful entrepreneur as soon as possible. I will go abroad to many countries such as Arab, America, China, France, and Australia with my family. I think Arab is most important than other country to visit, because there is KA’BA where all moslem gather to pilgrimage. In America, I will visit white house where the president of America works, Glacier National Park, Maui, Grand Canyon National Park.

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I will go to The Great Wall of China and take some photos with my family there. The Great Wall of China is A World Heritage Site. It is according to UNESCO. In China, I Will go to Guilin & Yangshuo (Karst Landscape), Yellow Mountains and Villages Nearby, Zhangjiaji (Precipitous Pillars), Lijiang (Ancient Town), Shangri-La (Meili Snow Mountains), Tibet (Lofty Mountain Splendor), and Zhangye's Danxia (Rainbow Mountains). Then in France, I will go to Eiffel toward and express my love to my wife because Eiffel is the landmark of love in the world. Then I will go to Disneyland Paris, Louvre Museum, and Versailles Palace.Last, I will meet kangaroo in Australia. I wanna hold its fur and its marsupium or pouch. I'm going to work hard, do my best to make it real and pray to ALLAH for it.
The dream from the dreamer

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