Jumat, 21 Juli 2023

The Only Story to Tell for You

On December 2020, Covid-19 began spread to the world. The news said it was from China, but other news said it was from America. I worked in a small firm. I got the bad salary i have ever got because the firm make many free days. It was almost two months i did not go to the firm. My wife was angry but i gave her the information about the Covid-19. But she was still angry with me at that time. I tried to plant the spinach and i harvested to get additional money. Someday my wife came to the small garden and she smilled to me. I thought that she was not angry to me anymore. I felt very happy because of it. Something bad happened with the firm. The firm was bankrupt and all employeerzs were fired without any information first.

the only story to tell for you

 source image : pixabayI tried to get another job after gardening. I made many proposals to give to the companies. But i never had a call from the companies. Then my older sister gave the information about the school which needed some teachers to teach. I tried to apply the job and i did it.

Now, I'm teaching in a school. The school has 9 classes. I am very happy because the headmaster and the teachers and staff officers are very kind and nice. They always have the funny storis to discuss. I thank to God to meet them in here. I hope i can become the good teacher. Sometimes i remember my self and my friends, when i look at the students are studying, chating, sleeping and playing with their friends in the school. I think i just miss my friends and my teachers in my school.

I and my friends were always together whatever it happened. I was happy when i graduated from the school on the other hand i was sad because we were not able to be together again. I hope we can meet again sometime.

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