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 I have a dream I wanna be a rich man and go abroad especially to Makkah. I will make the dream true. I have some plans to be implemented. I will graduate from UT. I will make an English course. I will make a store, and a garden with full of fruit plants and royal employees.

After I graduate from UT. I will make an English course will be for the teenager to adult people. It will have many students and teacher. It will become the piggy bank and share the knowledge and skill to others. It will have 3 classes, the first will be elementary class, the second will be intermediate class and the third will be meeting room to sharpen our speaking skill. would you help me later if i need the teacher in the course? I hope you have time and occasion to help me yah.

The store will have many things to sell especially the daily needs of people around. It will be operate with 1 cashier and 3 employees to support operational store. It will use a computer to purchasing. The employees will have the store uniform. The store uniform will be green-white colored. It will be open in the morning untilk the night.

The garden will have many fruit trees. I will plant manggo, rambutan, orange, lychee and coconut trees. I will build a saung. It will be in the middle of the garden. I will plant flowers around it. I also will make a pond to save the water and take care of fish. The pond will be a place to became a fishing spot.

The Friendship

When I was in intermediate school, I had clesest friends. They were Dani, and Endru. We promised to pass the day together and never be appart.

Dani loved a girl in the class. He wanted me to accompany him to express his felling to her. In the evening, we met in my house and planned meet thr girl he loved. I have a role as mediator between Dani and the girl.

We went to her house. I knocked at the door and called her loudly. She came out and meet me. She asked me what happened, and why you came to my house. There was a man who want to meet you. I called Dani and I left them to talked to each other. Dani was very dissapointed because she did not accept his feelling. I cheered him up I said today she did not accept your feeling maybe tomorrow or the day next tomorrow she would accept your feeling. You had not be sad about it. I ask hin to play football in the yard.

Endru had some big fish in the pond. we saw them i thinked they were about 2 meters length. I saw the head, its heads were as big as a chamber. It was toman. He said it could be sold with very good price. we cought them with net fish. Dani could not lift the fish alone it was too heavy to lift alone so we lift them together and put them to the fresh pond.

The day came, I had to move to the village. I had to leave them and break the promise. I never talked about moving to the village. So when the day came, they were wondering why i did not tell them about it. I only gave smile to them and i said that i hoped it would just a dream. I said sorry to them, and hoped we would communicate each other.

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Lose Hope! No...

hello everybody...

Today, I have nothing to do. I just lay in my bed. I am bored with this condition. I tried to make a business. I think it is in progress to be bigger business. Now, I will tell you about my experience when I do not have anything to do and to write.

lose hope
source picture "freepik"

I hope with this note or words that i write, It can help you in generally or me in personally from hopeless condition.

First of all, let's remember God and thanks to God for the life. We have the faith, we must believe that God decides everything about us. God must know the best way for us. The best action of us is any action that God asks to do. The bad action is anything that God forbids to do. All is written in The Holy Book (Al-Quran).

Second, We need time to understand our position before when we are in this condition. What have you done? So this bad condition came to you. However We must be patient with any problem we face. We should see in another point of view to get the lesson from the problem.

Third, Mistake is common. Do not be afraid of making mistakes but don't do the mistake intentionally! That's my motto and i ever told my students about that. We are not perfect but we try to be the perfect one with our own way. Somebody wants to be a millionaire but he must pass the examination whether it is passed with true action or false. Or Somebody wants to have skill at something he must try and can do some mistakes to make him skillful at something. So do not be afraid of making mistakes but don't do the mistake intentionally.

Forth, get good motivation and get new spirit! Remember human is social creature. He doesn't exist with him self. He needs other human. Remember our beloved people like our parent, our family and our friends. They should be sad if they look at our bad condition. Keep Spirit and Do Not Lose Hope !

Fifth, Do some exercises! This may not be effected directly but it can make your mental stronger like your muscle. There is a common sentence

"In the strong body, there is strong soul".

Sixth, Do your hobby! Anyway, Do you ever hear, “Talkshow” or “Podcast” ? Yups, it’s exacly correct. The host or the program makers are only talking but they can get the payment of their program what ever they talk they should be happy because they do Their hobby and they don’t regret that.

If there is another way to make our self strong when we face the problem you may write your comment below. Anyway, thanks for reading this article.

Have a nice day!

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Contoh Descriptive Text

The Most Beautiful Garden

Descriptive Text - Gardenpicture by freepik

In my village, there is the most beautiful garden that I have ever seen. It has many flowers and plants.
The garden belongs to Mr. Samin. His garden is beside my garden so I always pass his garden when I go to my garden. Everyday Mr. Samin goes to his garden. He always waters his garden every morning and every afternoon.
In the center of his garden, there is a big pond. Over the pond, there is the bamboo bridge. Its water usually is used to water the garden In Summer. Mr. Samin breed the fish in the pond. He always feed the fish every day. When his son is bored, he fish there. He usually asks me to join him. I like when we get some fish there, we burn and eat there.
At the right of the pond, there are tomato plants and chili plants. At the left of the pond, there are cucumber plants, pare (bitter gourd) plants. Beside chili plants, there are watermelon and melon plants. Beside bitter gourd plants, there are banana plants. The border of the garden is planted with cassava plants. They also plants some eggplants beside cassava plants.
They will be very busy when the harvest time. Sometime they ask me to help them to harvest the plants. The tomato plant and melon plant are usually harvested in 3 months. The chili and cucumbers are harvested for about seventy five days after sow the seed. Bitter gourd plant is harvested in fifty five days. Watermelon plant is harvested in seventy days. Banana plant is harvested in eight till nine months. Eggplant is harvested one a half months. Cassava plant is harvested in six until eight months.
Cassavas can be eaten with many ways. But cassava can be used for feed animals. Cassava for feed animals is usually called gaplek. Gaplek is made from dried cassava and gaplek also has good price to sell.
He and his son usually drink the cup of coffee and have lunch in a saung. Saung is a small shelter which is built in the rice field or garden to be the place where farmers or gardeners take a rest. Saung is built at the corner of his garden. It has a rice straw roof, bamboo pole. They can sleep or just sit there when they are tired. Around of the saung, there are some flowers like orchids, roses, tulips and sun flowers. Because of the flowers, Saung is so fragrant. The flowers is planted to chase away insects and snakes especially poison snakes. Sometimes, the flowers are harvested to sell.
They cook some cassavas in the saung while they are taking a rest. The burned cassavas are so delicious when it is eaten together in the garden. The burned cassavas are sweet and tender. They also bring some of some burned cassavas to their house to their family and neighbors.
I like Mr. Samin’s garden. I hope my garden can be like his garden too. It is like heaven. We can enjoy the life with planting.

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Contoh Spoof Text

spoof text

Could you lend me 50.000 rupiahs, please?

 I have a friend. His name is Wendi. He has a very good job. He is an employee of a famous Bank. He always borrows money from his friends and never pay it back. But he never borrows from me.

One day, I had a lunch with him in the inn. I thought I have a way so that he did not lend me any money.
“Hey, Wendi. Could you lend me 50.000 rupiahs, please?” I asked him.
“Okay, I will lend you 50.000 rupiahs. But because you never treat me a lunch. You must pay for my lunch.” He replied. Then he put the money on my table and went away in hurry.

Unfortunately, I paid his dinner for 45.000 rupiah, then I just realized that He tricked me successfully. “How could You, Wendi?”, I said in my heart.

Adapted from newconceptenglish

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